The requirements of LOTOTO Testing machine

The requirements of LOTOTO Testing machine

Aug 22, 2020

The requirements of LOTOTO

Testing machine

Validation is important to ensure the effectiveness of locking and the zero energy state of the device

Use the device's start button to verify that the device cannot be started after LOTO is completed.

Note: Sometimes the locking device may fail

The requirements of LOTOTO

LOTO handover

Management rules should be established to clarify how LOTO's responsibilities will be transferred during the shift when maintenance work is not completed.

In a normal shift, the LOTO should be performed by the next shift and then removed by the previous shift.

After LOTO is completed in the next shift, the LOTO shall be checked and confirmed again before the work begins.

The requirements of LOTOTO

The removal of LOTO

Establish management rules for emergency lock removal in case LOTO needs to be removed but the lock holder cannot be found.

Emergency lock removal should be carried out only with the authorization of the factory director and after the risk of the machine has been assessed, when various means of contact have been used and no lockmaker can be found to personally remove the personal lock.

Locks must be broken instead of using master keys.

The requirements of LOTOTO

Violation of discipline

Penalties should be established for LOTO violations.

Punishment may be considered in the following cases, i.e

The authorized LOTO executor entrusts someone else to use his/her personal lock key

Authorized LOTO personnel forget to unlock, resulting in economic lock removal

Training & Audit

Training is important and should fall into two categories

Training for authorized LOTOTO executors

Training for affected persons

Refresher training should be carried out every year or when lototo-related violations/accidents occur

Conduct periodic audits to monitor LOTO implementation and the skill level of the authorizer