Unlocking verifier

Unlocking verifier

Aug 29, 2020

Unlocking verifier


(1) Unlock according to the principle of first unlocking individual lock and then unlocking collective lock, first unlocking and then unlocking label.

(2) after the completion of the operation staff, I lift the personal lock. When all operators are confirmed to remove the personal lock, the guardian of the local unit shall remove the personal lock himself.

(3) When electrical and instrument isolation is involved, the local unit shall provide the collective lock key to the electrical and instrument professionals for unlocking by the electrical and instrument professionals.

After the local unit confirms that the equipment and system meet the operation requirements, the collective lock on site shall be removed according to the energy isolation list.

When the operation part is in an emergency state to unlock, you can use the spare key to unlock; If the spare key cannot be obtained, it can be unlocked by other secure means with the consent of the territorial project leader. Unlocking shall ensure the safety of personnel and facilities. The Lockout and Tagout personnel should be informed timely.

If the device or system fails to meet the requirements after unlocking, the energy isolation shall be carried out again according to the requirements of this regulation before the re-operation.

Serious violation of regulations

All energy sources are not isolated.

(2) There is no test or the operator is not present during the test.

Operate the locked valve and switch.

(4) Unlocking and removing labels without authorization.

Keep extra backup keys.