Use padlocks,ockouts and tags

Use padlocks,ockouts and tags

Nov 12, 2020

Mechanical (Pumping Unit, Counter Weights,  Etc.)

Identify system to be isolated.

Release all stored mechanical energy or block the energy.  Be aware of gravity, springs, tension, and other sources of energy that are not always obvious.

Use blocks, pins, or chains to restrain energy when equipment cannot be brought to a zero potential energy state.  Use padlocks, lockouts, and tags to lock out mechanical energy.

Vehicle wheels must be chocked when performing maintenance

Restoring Service to Equipment

After each phase of the work is complete, personnel whose work is complete may remove their lock and tag if available from the equipment or multilock hasp.  Because of shift changes, each facility should implement a process of transferring the control of the locks, keys, and/or tags dependent upon the area supervisor approval. This transfer of control should only occur between personnel in similar job positions (e.g., operator to operator, maintenance to maintenance, etc.).

Once all of the work has been completed, the work area will be inspected by the affected personnel to ensure that non-essential items have been removed and that machine or equipment components are operationally intact.  The work area will be checked to ensure that all employees have been safely positioned or removed.  The authorized person will remove the last lock and tag if available and then notify the individual responsible for the equipment that the repairs are complete and ready for service, re-commissioning or test run