What is injury prevention

What is injury prevention

Sep 07, 2020

What is injury prevention?

Reduce inductrial injury to the utmost namely for final goal, avoid and reduce the occurrence of inductrial injury accident and occupational disease, protect the life safety of the worker effectively.

How to prevent work-related injury in daily work?

1. Separate vehicles and people, keep alert, and prevent vehicle accidents

(1) Transport goods, avoid blocking the line of sight

If the vehicle is moving, give warning

(3) The workshop channel people and vehicles diversion

(4) During working hours, focus your attention and don't play mobile phones

2. Cooperate with many people and wear safe clothes to prevent falling from high altitude

Working at height, wearing safety

(2) Hang the safety rope high to avoid tripping and falling

More than two persons are required for aerial work

Standardize the wear of protective equipment

3. Equipment failure, maintenance, prevention of mechanical injuries

The machine is out of order

(2) dedicated maintenance, to avoid accidental injury

Fault maintenance, Lockout Tagout

4. Travel safely, observe traffic regulations, and prevent traffic accidents

(1) Protection in place, safe travel

(2) Travel safely and abide by traffic rules

Don't play mobile phone during driving

5. Standard operation and facilities in place to prevent chemical burns

Separate areas should be arranged for special work places

(2) Chemical operation, standard protection

(3) Special work, with safety protection measures

6. Scientific inventory, clear marking and safety hazard elimination

Scientific transportation of heavy objects to avoid waist sprain

(2) Avoid lifting heavy objects with bare hands, and do not place heavy objects in high places

(3) Carry dangerous goods, remember to standardize the protection

Dangerous goods should be stored in a standard way

7. Standard protection, regular physical examination, prevention of occupational disease injuries

Standard protection

Noise environment, pay attention to protection

(3) Place goggles and other tools separately to avoid lens damage

(4) standard protection, avoid eye injury

The employer shall organize regular occupational health examinations