What is LOTO?

What is LOTO?

May 25, 2019

Some enterprises in Europe and America adopt LOTO system (lock out &tag out) to ensure the safety of maintenance, debugging and engineering operation. 

What is LOTO?

LOTO is the lockout tagout system. Through the establishment of the above lockout-and-tagout  safety procedures for different equipment and systems (just like the domestic safety maintenance regulations and electrical maintenance operation regulations), the dangerous energy can be effectively controlled, and the lockout tagout can be implemented to ensure the safety of explosive personnel and equipment.

The tag mentioned. The locks mentioned include: special hasp -- -- for locking; Circuit breaker clip --- for electrical locking; Valve cover --- for locking of valve; Plug cover -- -- used for locking electrical plugs.

So how does LOTO work?

Must know

Working on unfamiliar equipment can be dangerous.

2. Locks can only be locked by trained and authorized personnel;

3. Only do the locking and listing system that requires you to do;

Never use someone else's lock or tag

If you need more locks, call your monitor and supervisor.

Step 6 program

1. Prepare to shut down the equipment:

Obtain the safety maintenance regulations of the equipment (the lock and shingle above are the main ones)

If not, fill out work permits and similar forms

Understand equipment risks

Others will be notified of who is being shut down

2. Turn off the device

Use the normal shutdown procedure

Turn all switches to off position

Close all control valves

Block off all energy sources to make them unusable

Isolate all energy sources

Close the valve

Disconnect switches and link heads

4. Lockout tagout

The valve

Switches/electrical circuit breakers;

Block or disconnect all line connections


5. Release or block all stored energy

Capacitance discharge

Block or release spring energy

Block lifting parts

Prevent flywheel rotation

Release system pressure

Discharge liquid/gas

System cooling

6. Confirm equipment isolation:

Make sure all other personnel are clear

Confirm that the locking device is in safe position

Confirm the isolation

Start working as normal

Turn the control switch back on/off

Contact LOTO

Check equipment and location

Ensure all mechanical protective equipment

Remove tools from equipment

Inform others that they will test/start;

Restore system connection

Remove the LOTO

Restore equipment to normal

Normal startup.

After a comprehensive understanding of LOTO, the following points should also be mastered:

All persons, including supplier employees, must comply with this LOTO procedure;

Only the person lockout tagout, or the supervisor with the listing officer's permission, can remove the lock and listing.

Even if someone has already put a lock on the device's hangtag, you still need to put your lock and tag on it.