May 23, 2019


A Lockout(Tagout) program is to be developed to control hazardous energy sources during maintenance of equipment when an employee:

Is required to remove or bypass a guard or other safety device or feature.

Is required to place any part of his or her body into an area near the point of operation of any equipment.

Has to enter,or partially enter the area where a machine or piece of equipment may operate.(i.e.danger zone around a robotic arm)



Written Program-A written lockout program should cover each of the steps listed below.In some cases,specific guidelines for particular machines or equipment may be necessary.

Equipment Identification-The first step is to identify operation that require lockout.

Energy Sources&Energy Isolating Devices Identification-Second,is to identify the energy sources associated with that particular equipment ,checking for any part that may operate due to grabity or stored energy.Then identify the associated energy isolating device.


LOCKOUT DEVICE-Determine the appropriate lockout device for the identified energy isolating device.Provide enough lockout devices so that each authorized employee has access to then when needed.


TEST LOCKED OUT MACHINE-Once all energy isolating devices have been locked out and all moving parts secured,try all controls which may start the machine.Then return all controls to their off or neutral position.


RELEASING MACHINES FROM LOCKOUT-Only the authorized employee who installed the lockout device is allowed to remove the device .Before lockout devices are removed.the authorized employee who locked out the machine should inspect the work area to ensure that:

All other employees are safety positioned away from the area.

All tools and repair equipment have been removed.

All guards and safety devices are put back in service.

Once all of these steps have been taken.the lockout devices can be removed and the machine or equipment put back in service.


TRAINING-Each employee classification should receive a different level of training:

Authorized Employees-Shall be instructed in the purpose and use of the program outlined above.

Affected Employees-Shall be instructed in the purpose and use of the program outlined above.

Other Employees-All others whose work operations are or may be in an area where lockout procedures may be utilized.shall be instructed in the program outlined above,and about the prohibition relating to attempts to restart or restart or re-energize machines or equipment which are locked out.

Follow-up-Management should periodically audit the program to ensure that all the above steps are being completed.