Why change the lock

Why change the lock

Dec 15, 2018

Safety lock manufacturers remind everyone to pay attention to the general use of locks a few years need to be replaced. If there is no condition to change the lock, remember to lock the door before going to bed, and insert the key to twist half a circle, so that is safer. Many people do not know why to change the lock, now to analyze why you want to change the lock?

1. Discovery with the development of science, the unlocking technology of some criminals is also improving day by day.

2. More than 50% of users are still using level A locks. With the improvement of unlock technology, a-level locks can be easily opened.

3. Nowadays, people have a poor sense of security against theft and a weak sense of prevention.

Safe lock manufacturer suggests everybody should change lock change lock, should add window of guard against theft to add window of guard against theft, had better not put too much money and valuables to wait in the home.