Why do these accidents happen?

Why do these accidents happen?

Nov 16, 2019

Why do these accidents happen?

It has been proved that personal injury can be avoided by - clearing - power - discharging materials - locking - testing machine.

Basic safety standards

No one shall operate in any part of the equipment without personally confirming that the device is powered off, isolated and placing its own locking devices and tags.

The required PPE must be worn when exposed to open systems containing hazardous materials.

The PPE should not relax until all guarantees are made for the security of the system.

The basic principle of

A "zero" energy state must be obtained before a job can be performed on the device. Identify and isolate all energy sources in this state and release stored energy.

Any person working on the equipment must be personally locked and tagged, and the key must be kept by the employee at all times.

Equipment owner is responsible for equipment clearance and stabilization

Everyone is responsible for making sure the equipment is properly locked.

Validation is essential - don't omit the "test run" step!