Work details Lockout/Tagout

Work details Lockout/Tagout

Jul 07, 2020

Work details Lockout/Tagout

1. Prepare to shut down

Before operation, carry out risk analysis, formulate Lockout/Tagout plan, identify the type of dangerous energy isolation and Lockout/Tagout isolation parts.

The person in charge of the operation or his authorized personnel will determine the locking equipment, lock preparation, lock registration and tag, etc.

Inform each workshop leader and affected person that the machine will execute Lockout/Tagout procedure.

3, turn it off

Follow the shutdown procedure.

Make sure the machine, etc., is shut down.

3. Energy isolation

Use circuit breaker (such as knife switch, air switch, etc.), pipe valve, pin, remove pipe and seal etc.

4, Lockout/tagout

Perform the Lockout/Tagout operation on the energy isolation machine.

Make sure Lockout/Tagout is well operated and reliable.

5. Verification/validation

After Lockout/Tagout, release the remaining energy completely.

All potentially dangerous or residual energy should be released, stopped, dispersed, confined or made safe.

"Turn on" switches/buttons and other controllers on devices such as machines to ensure that the device is fully incapacitated.

Reset the start switch/button and other controllers, making sure to return to the "off" state.

6. Start your homework

Repair and inspect the effectively locked equipment.

After the work, clear the site, check whether there are tools, materials, etc.

The safety facilities involved are reset.

Inform all relevant workshops and their responsible persons to finish the maintenance inspection.

7. Unlockout/Tagout control

Unblock all locks, hangtags, and so on from the Lockout/Tagout operation in Step 4.

Reconfirm that there are no tools, materials, etc. in the equipment involved in maintenance and inspection, and all personnel have been evacuated from the machine and other equipment and facilities.

Reconfirm the safety facilities, the original protective device of the machine has been reset.

Restore the power of equipment and facilities such as machines and ensure that they are in the starting state.

Perform Lockout/Tagout handover procedures for machines and other equipment.