12 Hole Aluminum Lockout Hasp AH31

12 Hole Aluminum Lockout Hasp AH31
Product Details

Part No.: AH31  AH32

12 Hole sliding Aluminum Lockout hasp

a) Anodized aluminum finish for superior corrosion resistance.

b) Keeps equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made.

c) Control cannot be turned on until last workers padlock is removed from hasp.

d) Offset lockout holes ensure hasp cannot be locked in open position.

e) Raised areas for improved sliding action.


Part no.



Accpet up to 12 padlocks



Accpet up to 24padlocks


Pneumatic/hydraulic power off:

Break, lock, release, shout, see, do

Disconnect - push or pull a manual short circuit switch to remove upstream pressure and disconnect pneumatic/hydraulic power

Locks - all personnel lock their locks to the short circuit switch

Release - release all potentially dangerous stored or residual energy, isolate and secure

Shout - send out warning signals

Test - start the pneumatic/hydraulic equipment and confirm that it cannot start

Do - get to work

Unlock, check, shout, pass, start

Unlock - each person opens their own lock and takes it away

Check - people in safe locations; Device to be started; All locks removed

Shouting - Shouting "get out of the way" to remind others to get out of the way

On - all short circuit switches are set in the "on" position

To start the

Lock the order

1. On-site power failure

2. Use the motor control center (MCC) when there is no on-site power failure.

3. No on-site power failure /MCC, disconnect the main control circuit

4. If the main control circuit cannot be disconnected, remove the safety or unplug the power supply input line

Note: make marks to prevent confusion (operated by electricians with valid certificates)

5.-- any person who finds that the power failure device cannot be locked with the power failure device shall immediately report to the owner and assist in solving the problem

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