High Quality Writable Aluminum Safety Lockout Hasp

High Quality Writable Aluminum Safety Lockout Hasp

Part No.: LAH02 A luminum labeled lockout hasp LOCKOUT TAGO HASP combines the benefits of a standard hasp & a tag simultaneously. Anodized aluminum alloy. Combine the advantages of lockout tags and safety hasps in a single convenient product. Complete with high visibility, re-usable write-on...


Part No.: LAH03

Aluminum Lockout Hasp

a) Made from anodized aluminum alloy.

b) With tamper-proof locking tabs, allowing multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source.

c) With a high visibility, re-usable write-on safety label, accepts pencil, pen or marker for repeated use.

d) Label and color can be custom made.


Part NO.



Overall size:75mm×189mm,accept up to 8 padlocks..

Case Study Of Lockout Tagout1

Case 1

Description: Britain's piper alpha rig is one of the most productive oil platforms in the north sea and has generated huge profits for the UK in the 12 years since its completion. But on the night of July 6, 1988, a series of big explosions occurred on the platform, causing the hundred-ton oil platform to sink to the sea floor. 167 people lost their lives in just one and a half hours. It was one of the world's worst offshore rig explosions.

What happened: a pump with the relief valve removed without the energy isolation, Lockout tagout, was started as a backup pump, and LPG leaked from the containment plate, causing an explosion.

How to improve: three years after the disaster, a new drilling platform, the bravo platform, was built near the original alpha platform. The platform was fitted with a better energy isolation system, followed by the Lockout tagout procedure and licensing regime, and became the safest drilling platform in the north sea at the time.

Case 2

Accident description: the hydraulic lift of a textile factory needs to be repaired. The maintenance staff supports the lift with wooden sticks and goes in for maintenance. During the maintenance process, when the maintenance personnel tightened the hydraulic screws, the irritating liquid leaked and splashed on the maintenance personnel's face. Maintenance personnel in the case of the objects around can not see the stick accidentally, lift lost support hit the maintenance personnel.

Accident cause: maintenance personnel did not use an effective way to support the lift, only use temporary support materials; The hydraulic system reserves the hydraulic energy in the equipment maintenance money is not controlled.

Improvement: the maintenance of hydraulic lift must use safe and firm support; The pressure of the hydraulic system should be adjusted to 0. To release the stored hydraulic pressure and isolate the hydraulic energy; The repairman will Lockout the switches in the hydraulic system.

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