Labeled Lockout Hasp

Labeled Lockout Hasp
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Part No.: LAH01 
Labeled Aluminum Lockout Hasp

Safety lockout hasps 

Allow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source

Anodized aluminum alloy.

Combine the advantages of lockout tags and safety hasps in a single convenient product.

Write-on label accepts pencil, pen or marker, repeated uses allowed.

Allow six workers to use their individual locks..

Overall size: 180mm * 70mm


Part No.



Aluminum Alloy lockout hasp, 180mm * 70mm

Energy isolation step - test

The territorial unit shall test the equipment in the presence of the operator. Interlocking devices or other factors that may interfere with effectiveness should be excluded from testing. If it is confirmed that the isolation is invalid, it is up to the territorial unit to take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of the operation.

During the operation of the equipment (such as trial operation, test, power transmission, etc.), the tester of the territorial unit shall confirm and test the energy isolation again, fill in the energy isolation list again, and both parties shall confirm and sign before resuming the operation.

In the course of work, if the operator asks for retesting and confirmation, it shall be confirmed and approved by the project leader of the subordinate unit before retesting.

Energy isolation step -- unlock

After finishing the homework, I contact the personal lock. When it is confirmed that all operators have access to the personal lock, the guardian of the territorial unit shall have access to the personal lock.

After the territorial unit confirms that the equipment and system meet the operation requirements, it shall release the collective lock on site according to the energy isolation list.

Unlock principle: unlock the collective lock first, unlock the label later.

When the working part is in an emergency state and needs to be unlocked, the spare key can be used to unlock; When the spare key cannot be obtained

Can be unlocked by other secure means with the consent of the person in charge of the territorial project. Unlocking shall ensure the safety of personnel and facilities. Unlocking shall be timely notified to lock, hang the label of the relevant personnel.

If the equipment or system trial operation fails to meet the requirements after unlocking, the operating money shall be re-isolated according to the requirements of this regulation.

When the isolation of electrical and instrument is involved, the territorial unit shall provide the collective lock key to the electrical and instrument professionals, who shall unlock the lock key.