Labeled Snap On Red Lockout Hasp

Labeled Snap On Red Lockout Hasp

Aluminum Lockout Hasp a)Made from anodized aluminum alloy. b)With tamper-proof locking tabs, allowing multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source. c)With a high visibility, re-usable write-on safety label, accepts pencil, pen or marker for repeated use. d)Label and color can be custom made.


Part No.: LAH03

Aluminum Lockout Hasp

a) Made from anodized aluminum alloy.

b) With tamper-proof locking tabs, allowing multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source.

c) With a high visibility, re-usable write-on safety label, accepts pencil, pen or marker for repeated use.

d) Label and color can be custom made.


Part NO.



Overall size:75mm×189mm,accept up to 8 padlocks..

Multiplayer error

Accident history:

In April 2009, Qingdao 400 t press sheet metal workshop A company operating areas, press for feeding station and the back of the side for the next station, the side feeding A press double switch operating equipment, 400 t press, in the process of stamping mould clamping down the side blanking right forearm against B, feeding industry and business leaders will be injured worker B sent to the hospital.

Cause of accident:

1.400t press safety protection measures are relatively defective, is the main cause of the accident.

2.400t press equipment downward stamping die when the material worker B illegal into the equipment internal operation, is a serious violation of the operation, is the main cause of the accident.

When material worker A of the press machine presses down the double-link switch to press and close the die, the photoelectric protection causes the equipment to stop working once. The loading worker A pressed the double switch operation again without confirming the safety of the equipment and personnel, resulting in an accident, which is A serious violation of regulations and is the main cause of the accident.

3.B was an operator of electric welding in the early stage. In April 2009, he was transferred to a position of 400T press auxiliary operator.

Main responsibilities:

If the operator, surnamed sun, fails to confirm the safety of the 1.400t press press, he shall follow the Lockout tagout rule and bear the main responsibility for the accident.

2. The monitor duan of the operation shift press machine shall assume direct management responsibility for the serious violation of rules and regulations of the staff and the lack of supervision.

3. The operation director and safety officer li mou privately arranged the staff without the equipment post certificate to operate on the post, illegal command, assume direct management responsibility;

4. Department chief zhao, safety li, production technology liu and other staff and subordinates of serious violations, supervision is not in place, assume leadership management responsibility;

5. If the safety management effect of the unit leaders, such as yue and zheng, is not controlled, assume the responsibility of leadership and management.

Accident warning:

1. Large equipment requires more than one person to work together, and more than one person must work together, take care of each other, remind each other, and coordinate with each other. Going our own way, going our own way, going our own way, can neither accomplish our work nor ensure our safety.

2. The stamping equipment operated by multiple people should be equipped with multiple double switches, and the same personnel must have a global concept, and not thinking paralysis, careless.

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