Write On Safety Lockout Hasp

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Part No.: LAH03 

write on safety lockout hasp

Labeled Lockout Hasps 

combine the advantages of lockout tags and safety hasps in a single convenient product. These tough, aluminum hasps accommodate group lockouts as up to 6 workers can apply their individual locks. The permanent front- and back-side labels feature the bold DANGER DO NOT OPERATE message for equipment lockout.

Made from super aluminum alloy.

The traditional hasp and tag integration become one.

Anodized aluminum alloy hasps include tamperproof locking tabs.

Pen and pencil markings are erasable allowing for repeated use.

Allow six workers to use their individual locks..

Label and color can be custom made.


Part No.



Aluminum Alloy lockout hasp, Overall size:180mm * 70mm

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Safety inspection and measures shall be specified in the equipment maintenance safety work certificate. B) inspection shall be conducted on scaffolding, hoisting machinery, electric welding appliances, hand-held electric tools, wrenches, pipe tongs, hammers and other tools used in maintenance operations. Appliances that do not meet the requirements of operation safety shall not be used. C) before the maintenance of rotating equipment, reliable power failure measures shall be taken to cut off the power supply of the electrical appliances on the equipment to be inspected. After the re-examination and confirmation, the "no closing" safety sign shall be hung at the power switch and the lock shall be added. D) gas protective equipment, fire fighting equipment, communication equipment, lighting equipment and other equipment used in maintenance shall be inspected by special personnel to ensure that they are in good condition, reliable and properly placed. E) inspect ladders, railings, platforms, iron grates and cover plates on the maintenance site to ensure safety and reliability. F) portable electrical tools used in maintenance shall be equipped with leakage protection devices. G) the inspection places with corrosive media should be equipped with flushing water source. H) for pits, Wells, ditches and steep slopes on the inspection site, cover plates shall be filled up or laid flush with the ground, fences and warning signs may be set up, and red lights shall be set at night. I) inflammable and explosive materials, obstacles, oil stains, ice and snow accumulation, wastes and other sundries that may affect the safety of maintenance shall be cleaned at the maintenance site. J) the fire fighting access and traffic access shall be inspected, cleared and overhauled to ensure unimpeded access. K) the workplaces requiring night maintenance shall be provided with lighting devices with sufficient brightness.