Economic Steel Lockout Hasp

Economic Steel Lockout Hasp
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Part No.: ESH01/ESH02

Economic steel lockout hasp
Lockout tagout hasps

Safety lockout hasps are used when you wish to use multiple padlocks to isolate one energy source. A hasp is placed through the isolating point and closed, allowing each authorised person to place their own padlock on it.

  1. Durable, highly visible red coating steel, rust

  2. Lockout by multiple workers at each lockout point,  Attach device to energy disconnect switch.

  3. Lock holes: 2/5" (10.5mm) diameter.

  4. Jaw size: 1" (25mm) & 1.5" (38mm)

  5. Accept up to 6 padlocks.

  6. Other colors can be custom made.


Part No.



Lockout hasp with Jaw Size 1" (25mm)


Lockout hasp with Jaw Size 1.5" (38mm)

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Safety buckle lock is also known as row locks are usually made by steel and poly acrylic lock handle lock, the use of safety buckle lock is very good to solve the problem, multiple management the same machine or pipe when a machine need maintenance, need to cut off the power and the power supply are locked up for processing, in order to prevent some wrong operation that on damage to maintenance personnel.

When one person for repair only need to use ordinary padlock to lock up can, when many for repair, must use the hasp lockout security, maintenance is complete when someone will own padlock removed from safety hasp, but the power is in the locked state does not open, only when all the maintenance personnel from maintenance site and remove all the padlock on the safety hasp locks, the power to open it. Therefore, the use of safety hasp solved the problem of multiple people managing the same equipment and pipelines.

Safety hasp is one of the security locks, safety hasp lockout is generally can be divided into steel hasp, economical steel fastener hasp lockout, fireproof aluminum hasp lockout, steel jaw hasp, economical steel lock jaw, butterfly clasp lock lever hasp lock, insulating clasp lockout, aluminum league brand fire safety hasp lockout, spent double aluminum hasp, steel double lock hasp lockout.

Applicable to all kinds of large standard enterprises, such as oil enterprises, power enterprises, natural gas enterprises.

All kinds of safety locks can be fixed by the steel six-hole safety lock, and six padlocks can be set on the six-hole safety lock, which is convenient for multiple people to manage one energy source.

Easy to operate and convenient to use, reduce product resistance. A six - hole insulated lock can be installed on each type of safety lock, which can be managed by up to 6 people, satisfied for some special occasions.



The company specializes in the production of safety padlocks, safety valve locks, safety cable locks, pneumatic cylinder locks, industrial electrical locks, safety warning hanging memory lock workstation, etc., which meet the standards of OSHA1910.147. Related fields: petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, electric power, nuclear energy, logistics and transportation, machine manufacturing and other industries!