PA Coated Steel Lockout Hasp 1'' 1..5''

Product Details

Part No.: SH01/SH02

PA coated steel lockout hasp
Chromefinish lockout hasp
Safety lockout hasps are a valuable and convenient way to lockout an energy source ensuring that your worker's safety is never compromised. Our hasps are available in a variety of highly visible, labeled and nonconductive options. They are ideal for group lockout procedures and will help give your team the piece of mind that each energy source is properly isolated.

  • Steel withred plasticor vinyl coated body, rust proof.

  • Allow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source

  • Lock holes: 3/8"(9.5mm) diameter

  • Jawsize: 1" (25mm) & 1.5" (38mm)

  • Plastic coated or vinyl coated available

  • Colors can be custom made: Yellow plastic coated lockout hasp


Part No.



Jaw Size 1"(25mm) lockout hasp


Jaw Size 1.5"(38mm) lockout hasp

Specially designed according to your special requirements, our pa coated steel lockout hasp 1'' 1..5'' made by one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of lockout products in China - LOCKEY. You are welcomed to wholesale customized pa coated steel lockout hasp 1'' 1..5'' made in China at cheap price with our factory, and we also offer the free sample.

Safety protection device management system


This system is formulated in order to strengthen the management of safety protection devices in equipment and facilities, give full play to the role of safety protection devices in accident prevention, ensure the operation safety of employees and avoid safety accidents.

The scope of

It is applicable to the safety protection devices in the equipment and facilities of the group, including the special safety equipment, the supporting safety devices and the safety protection facilities in the workplace.

The general

Safety protection device is an effective part of equipment and facilities. It must be used and maintained at the same time with the main equipment and facilities to ensure its safety and reliability.

Safety appliance

According to the requirements of national and regional laws and regulations, the purpose is to strengthen the supervision and management of the safety protective appliances and mechanical equipment on the construction site, prevent the unqualified products from flowing into the construction site and causing casualties, and ensure the construction safety.

1. Safety equipment:

Safety protective equipment includes safety helmet, safety belt, safety net, safety rope and other personal protective equipment.

Safety protection facilities include all kinds of "edge, hole" protective equipment, etc.

Electrical products include hand-held electric tools, woodworking machinery, steel machinery, vibration machines, leakage protector, switch box, cable, electrical switches, sockets and electrical components.

Erecting machines and tools include all kinds of scaffolding composed of wood, steel and other materials, as well as parts, climbing facilities and so on.

2. Construction machinery and equipment including large and medium-sized lifting machinery, mixer, gantry frame and other construction machinery and equipment.