Safety Lockout Tagout Hasp

Safety Lockout Tagout Hasp

Part No.: SH01-H/SH02-H PA coated steel lockout hasp with hook 1'' 1.5'' Matel C hromefinish lockout hasp with Tab Our lockout hasps are the answer to your safety concerns during group lockout situations. Hasps are constructed ofplasticl-coated high tensile steel and are plated...


Part No.: SH01-H, SH02-H

Steel Lockout Hasp with Hook

a) Handle is made from PA, and lock shackle is made from nickel plated steel with red plastic or vinyl coated body, rust proof.

b) Steel lockout hasp includes tamper-proof interlocking tabs to prevent unauthorized opening.

c) Lock holes:10.5mm diameter.

d) Jaw size:1’’(25mm) & 1.5" (38mm)

e) Colors of handle can be customized.

f) Allow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source.


Part NO.



Jaw Size 1’’(25mm),accept up to 6 padlocks.


Jaw Size 1.5’’(38mm),accept up to 6 padlocks.

Occupational health regulations (OSHA)

OSHA occupational health regulations 1910.147 - regulation on the control of hazardous energy sources

The employer must establish a safety procedure to install the appropriate Lockout tagout device on the energy isolator and to disable the machine or equipment in order to prevent accidental supply of energy, start or store the release of energy and thereby prevent injury to the employee.

OSHA locking program requirements

These procedures must be developed and the equipment involved must be represented. In the case of a Lockout tagout violation, incorrectly programmed procedures are the most common.

Separate procedures must be established for each set of equipment to be locked;

If the dangerous power source types and degrees of multiple devices are the same, and the power source control types are the same or similar, it can be divided into one program;

The program must include specific equipment shutdown, isolation, blocking and locking steps to effectively control hazardous power sources;

Specific Lockout tagout installation, disassembly and transfer steps should also be included.

If you are the person who repairs the equipment and do not perform the Loto procedure while repairing the equipment, what will happen if someone starts the equipment while the repair is in progress?

The first type of hazard

The existence of energy and dangerous substances is the most fundamental cause of harm, usually putting the possibility of accidental release of energy (energy or energy carrier) or dangerous substances

The second type of hazard

The unsafe factors (the unsafe state of the substance, the unsafe behavior of the person, the management defect) that cause the restraint, the restriction energy and the dangerous substance measure out of control are called the second kind of hazard source.

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