Steel Lockout Safety Hasps

Steel Lockout Safety Hasps
Product Details

Part No.: SH01, SH02

Steel Lockout Hasp

a) Handle is made from PA, and lock shackle is made from nickel plated steel with red plastic or vinyl coated body, rust proof.

b) Allow multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source.

c) Lock holes:10.5mm diameter

d) Jaw size:1’’(25mm) & 1.5" (38mm)

e) Colors of  handle can be customized.


Part NO.



Jaw Size 1’’(25mm),accept up to 6 padlocks.


Jaw Size 1.5’’(38mm),accept up to 6 padlocks.

Lockout tagout validation example - kiln

Isolate what?

Mechanical energy isolation

Electrical isolation


Where to isolate?

Visual inspection

Does everyone involved know?

The kiln drive

Main drive - electrical section

Auxiliary drive - electrical part/oil pressure part

Roots fan for kiln and decomposing furnace combustion system

Air gun (preheater, kiln inlet and grate cooler)

Kiln coal jet tube (burner)

The roller kiln

Preheater and dust collector fan

Electrical isolation (Lockout tagout)

Trade, drive

Electrical part - isolated auxiliary drive motor

Kiln burner

Draw out the coal jet pipe

Lock the kiln and decomposing furnace ignition combustion fan

Lock kiln roller

Mechanical energy isolation

Air gun (preheater, kiln inlet and grate cooler)

Kiln roller - mechanical part

Where is it isolated?

Electrical isolation

Lockout tagout at site switch and/or distribution room. Professional electrical personnel to execute.

Mechanical energy isolation

On the corresponding device.

Visual inspection

Ensure the kiln temperature has been lowered to the personnel

In kilns - check overhang refractory bricks, kiln skins and castables