Safety Bag

Safety Bag

Part No.: LB51 Safety Bag a)Made from durable waterproof nylon fabric. b)Light-weight and easy to carry . c)Can customize the sign on the lockout bag surface.


Part No.: LB51

Safety Bag

a) Made from durable waterproof nylon fabric.

b) Light-weight and easy to carry  .

c) Can customize the sign on the lockout bag surface.


Part No.




PSM - process safety management

Unlike traditional Safety Management, Process Safety Management (PSM) aims to prevent and mitigate accidental leakage of Process materials (or energy). Craft materials (or energy) accidental release, although occurred in the process of material production device are introduced but the reason may involve the process route selection, technological design, selection, procurement, installation, inspection and acceptance, commissioning, production, and emergency, repair, such as phase change, almost involves all the departments within the company, for example, senior management, engineering, procurement, production, maintenance, training, technology, safety, etc. It can be said that process safety management involves a wide range of points, line length. And the hidden danger of process safety is hidden deeply, any link of the problem, may cause process safety accident. At present, there is no safety management system to prevent process safety accidents, so a system is needed to achieve the purpose.

Security management (PSM) consists of the following 12 elements:

Process safety information

Process hazard analysis

Operating procedures

Operation license

Change management

Safety check before driving

Mechanical integrity

Incident/incident management

Contractor management

Emergency response


Compliance audit

The above twelve management elements are an interrelated whole. Through the implementation of process safety management (PSM), enterprises can take effective management and technical measures for the potential process hazards and risks of process facilities and management, so as to improve the level of process safety management.

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