Electrical Lock Out Tag Out Kits

Electrical Lock Out Tag Out Kits

Part No.: LG07 Electrical Lockout Kit a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices. b) For locking off all kinds of valves, etc. c) All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag. d) Tool bag size: 16 inches.


Part No.: LG07

Electrical Lockout Kit

a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices.

b) For locking off all kinds of valves, etc.

c) All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag.

d) Tool bag size: 16 inches.



1. Lockout bag (LB03) 1PC;

2. Lockout hasp (SH01) 1PC;

3. Lockout hasp (SH02) 1PC;

4. Laminated padlock (LP01)1PC;

5. Laminated padlock (LP05)1PC;

6. Safety padlock (P38S-RED) 2PCS;

7. Small plug lockout (EPL01) 1PC;

8. Large plug lockout (EPL02) 1PC;

9. Breaker lockout (CBL11) 1PC;

10. Breaker lockout (CBL12) 1PC;


12. CBL01-1, CBL01-2 1PC/EACH;

13. SBL03, SBL01 1PC/EACH;

14. Air source lockout (ASL02) 1PC.

Lockout Kit

High Quality

Free collocation

Electric special



Lockout BagLB031pc
Plug Lockout EPL021pc
Lockout HaspSH011pc
Breaker LockoutCBL111pc
Lockout HaspSH021pc
Breaker Lockout  CBL121pc
Laminated PadlockLP011pc
Laminated PadlockLP051pc
CBL01-2,CBL02-2 1pc
Safety PadlockP38S2pcs
SBL03,SBL01 1pc
Plug LockoutEPL011pc
Pneumatic LockoutASL021pc

Made from durable waterproof nylon fabric.

The kit provides all items to properly secure electrical machinery and equipment from causing serious injury while being serviced.

Other  types could be choose.





Professional manufacturer of Lockout&Tagout

Every year we participate in lots of trade shows,such as A+A inGermany,Intersec in Dubai,Safety in Action sydney and Suntec Singapore,etc.Welcome to visit us if you're also there.

Series Of Safety Production Exchange Activities

At the meeting, Mr. Zhou Huixian, manager of Guangdong Tyco Electronics Co., LTD., introduced the EHS management system of Guangdong Tyco Electronics co., LTD., among which the new management methods such as the mode of full-time EHS department and part-time EHS specialist set up by other departments of the company and the quasi-accident reporting system were refreshing to the visiting group.

Engineers from Guangdong Tyco Electronics Co., LTD Shared the Lock out Tag out management system, and gave a very detailed introduction from the aspects of target, identification, judgment and organizational structure.

Then, under the leadership of the manager, the delegation visited the production workshop, including the tool station, equipment, fire control system and management, etc. Guangdong Tyco Electronics also demonstrated the complete operation process of Lock out Tag out for the visiting group.


At the end of the visit, we had an exchange of experience, and discussed the identification of dangerous energy, the design of locking method, the time and money needed to set up the Lock out Tag out management system, how to implement the Lock out tag out system in the continuous production process, and how to balance production efficiency and locking demand.

Chang Weidong chief consultant to deliver a speech to thank guangdong tyco electronics arrangements for the event, and said that the activity of today and very strong specific aim, guangdong tyco electronics as ronggui association director unit of production safety, the safety investment, and the details of the notice to do an example, on the management of the Lock out tag out since 6 years accumulated a wealth of experience. In addition to the experience of Guangdong Tyco Electronics, I hope you can bring this spirit to the workplace. Finally, Chief engineer Chang Weidong asked everyone, the long holiday is approaching, to do a good job before the holiday shutdown and resumption of work after the safety work.

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