Electrical Lockout Kit

Electrical Lockout Kit
Product Details

Part No: LG07

Description: Electric Lockout Kit

Unit: Set

Weight: 2900g

Part No.: LG07

Electrical Lockout Kit

a) It is an industrial selection of lockout/tagout devices.

b) For locking off all kinds of valves, etc.

c) All items can be easily carried in the lightweight carrying tool bag.

d) Tool bag size: 16 inches.



1. Lockout bag (LB03) 1PC;

2. Lockout hasp (SH01) 1PC;

3. Lockout hasp (SH02) 1PC;

4. Laminated padlock (LP01)1PC;

5. Laminated padlock (LP05)1PC;

6. Safety padlock (P38S-RED) 2PCS;

7. Small plug lockout (EPL01) 1PC;

8. Large plug lockout (EPL02) 1PC;

9. Breaker lockout (CBL11) 1PC;

10. Breaker lockout (CBL12) 1PC;


12. CBL01-1, CBL01-2 1PC/EACH;

13. SBL03, SBL01 1PC/EACH;

14. Air source lockout (ASL02) 1PC.


Requirements and precautions

The common nature of locks and tags should meet the following requirements.

1. Durable locks and tags shall be able to meet site environmental requirements and remain intact for the maximum expected exposure time. The hangings shall be made and printed to ensure that they are not easily damaged or blurred, especially in corrosive or humid environments.

2. Standard locks and tags shall be standardized in color, shape and size, and the hangings shall be printed in a uniform format and form.

3. Sturdy locks and tags should be strong enough to prevent them from falling off prematurely or accidentally.

Lockout tagout concept

According to the definition in GB/ t333579-2017, locking/listing is to place lockout tagout on the energy isolator in accordance with the established procedure to indicate that the energy isolator shall not be operated until the lock/tag is removed according to the established procedure. "Lockout tagout" can be either a separate locking device or a hangtag device, or both. The industry also calls it lockout tagout, or LOTO for short

Lockout tagout are all safety measures in temporary downtime such as maintenance, cleaning, etc., and can only be implemented by authorized personnel. The single listing device is only a warning device, which is easy to be damaged and removed in nature, and easy to be removed artificially. Moreover, it cannot prevent misoperation, and cannot make the machine itself in a safe state. Therefore, generally, the locking device and the listing device will be used together in the process of dangerous energy control.

Lockout tagout purpose is to prevent accidental pneumatic machines as well as to prevent the accidental release of dangerous energy, dangerous energy here refers to any energy may cause personal injury, including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal energy and potential energy, in order to avoid accidental release of dangerous energy, usually equipped with energy isolating device, the physical mechanism of energy transfer or release prevention, such as:

Manually operate circuit breakers, disconnecting switches, and manual disconnecting all live wire connections through these devices:

Globe valve


Other similar devices used to block or isolate energy.

If the isolation is not in place, it may lead to serious casualties. Common isolation errors are as follows:

Not stopping the machine or equipment;

Not actually cutting off energy;

No residual energy is released;

Accidentally turning on a closed device;

Work site not cleaned before re-pneumatic.

Through the strict direct lockout tagout basic procedures, you can prevent the accidental start of the machine, the accidental release of energy, to protect the safety of personnel