Electrical Lockout Tagout Kit

Electrical Lockout Tagout Kit
Product Details

Part No.: LG04 

Loto Electrician Waist Pouch
This maintenance lockout kit is very convenient pouch that can be attached to waist, carrying all proper secure safety lockout equipments with small size. It's very useful for the individual electrician to lockout a variety of electrical sources. The components can be the special items as required. 
The components as below:

  1. Lockout bag (LB21) 1pc

  2. Safety Lockout hasp (SH01) 1pc

  3. Safety Lockout Tag (LT02) 1pc

  4. Safety padlock (P38S-RED) 1pc

  5. Circuit Breaker lockout (CBL11) 2pcs

  6. Miniature Circuit Breaker lockout (TBLO) 1pc

The electrical lockout kit is according to the special requirements.  Our electrical lockout tagout kit made by the best supplier in China-Lockey. All items are manufacturing by our own factory. Welcome to contact us at any time.