Tagout Lockout Kit

Tagout Lockout Kit

Part No.: LG51 Electrical Lockout Kit a)Made from durable waterproof nylon fabric. b)Light-weight and easy to carry or wear . c)Carrying all proper secure safety lockout equipment with small size.


Electrician Lockout Pouch Kit

Part No.: LG51

a) Made from durable waterproof nylon fabric.

b) Light-weight and easy to carry  .

c) Carrying all proper secure safety lockout equipment with small size.


1. Lockout bag (LB51) 1PC;

2. Safety padlock (P38S) 2PCS;

3. Lockout tag (LT03) 2PCS;

4. Lockout hasp (SH01) 2PCS;

5. Ribbon 2PCS




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Relatively speaking, the negative information of accidents is easier to remember and more likely to affect decisions. Therefore, instead of learning how to succeed in the implementation of LOTO project, it is better to think about how to avoid the reasons that lead to the failure of LOTO implementation and avoid falling into the "safety trap". Avoiding the "safety trap" requires making key operational decisions.
Key decisions for LOTO projects 1

Key action decision 1: one person, one lock - to avoid confusion among operators about the personal responsibility of implementing safety measures

When the dangerous energy of the equipment or machine is locked, the unsafe state of the object can be determined to be acceptable or low risk from the perspective of risk assessment. Key or need to go back to "person" in the safety management of the key factors, as a kind of engineering control meaning LOTO administrative measures of safety management, decide whether it performs the key to success or need to rely on people, if a company will be on at the beginning of the implementation of LOTO lock is equal to all the requirements for LOTO, LOTO will slowly being marginalized and as the nature of the property of the big ye see door lock, if you can, as long as someone is locked so he may well be a novice or auxiliary work, so, LOTO the safety measures to carry out the individual responsibility cannot be reflected in the production.

Once when I went to a factory audit found a master maintenance during maintenance machine not completed LOTO procedure, he was the head of suspended after repair work turned to his auxiliary workers go to lock to lock the, and auxiliary workers don't know where is the lock, shall be is hung on the control panel or power distribution ark, it is deeply concerned. Has this happened to you?

Another issue is the choice of locks. Some companies choose a random series of locks to prepare the LOTO. Maybe the lock is the same as the door lock or someone's bathroom locker. It is not absolutely not feasible, but it will be a big impact on the enterprise to pay attention to the atmosphere of safe production. LOTO is a very professional thing. If we expect people to pay enough attention to LOTO's professionalism, we need professional locks to help. For example, the locks recommended by former US President barack Obama are more professional about the quality of LOTO's work than the same locks.

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