10 Lock Lockout Board

10 Lock Lockout Board
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Part No.: LS02 

10-Lock Lockout Board
The material of this master covered padlock stationis durable and strong PC. It has a one piece design which is very convenientespecially for departmental usage. The max it can holds 20pcs safety padlocks, 2 pcs lockout hasps and several tags and cable tie. This mater lock padlock stationhas a cover and a lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to restrict access only by authorized users. The measurementof this brady lockout station is 58.5cm×39.3cm×6.5cm.





4 Lock Multilingual Lockout Stations



10 lock covered padlock station


Effective safety measures in equipment maintenance 2

In order to prevent accidental human injury caused by sudden release of energy during the maintenance of equipment and facilities, we usually take the following protective measures in the past:

1. Cut off the energy isolation switch and send someone to watch beside the switch. This measure seems to be able to make the switch close.

2. Hang the warning sign of "no closing when someone is working" at the energy isolation switch. Although there is a warning sign, the maintenance personnel may not be seen by the switcher when they are working inside the equipment or in the far corner; Or the warning sign is switched on by mistake, or it may be switched on by mistake because no one is working.

3. The three-phase power supply is short-circuited in the direction of the power supply of the maintenance equipment, or at the output end of the power control switch, making the power switch trip, but the huge short-circuit current generated by the short-circuit may cause damage to the electrical equipment.

Therefore, the above protective measures can not completely guarantee the safety of maintenance personnel and equipment.

In order to enable employees to really do "I want to be safe". In the maintenance of equipment and facilities, the company requires the maintenance personnel to control the energy isolation switch by themselves to prevent the damage caused by the release of energy from the equipment, so as to realize the protective measures of self-protection, that is, "locking and listing".

, are locked to maintenance personnel through the risk assessment of equipment in advance, to identify what are dangerous energy equipment, control the energy isolating device (switch), after their energy isolating switch with lock lock, lock the keys must be mastered by maintenance personnel themselves, only yourself can open the lock, manipulation of the energy isolating switch. If more than one person is involved in the maintenance operation, each person is required to be equipped with a lock to lock the isolation switch. Only when each person opens his lock can the energy switch be operated. If many people participate in the maintenance work, no one is required to be equipped with a lock, so as to lock the isolation switch together. Only when each person opens his lock, can the energy switch be operated. Simply put, "one person, one key, one lock." So-called hangtag, it is to put up maintenance work sign beside lock, inform other personnel, equipment is in maintenance condition at present, equipment repairs the name that needs how long and maintenance personnel probably and contact telephone number to wait.