Combination 20 Lock Padlocks Lockout Station

Combination 20 Lock Padlocks Lockout Station
Product Details

Part No.: LS02

10-Lock Lockout Station

a) Made from engineering plastic PC.

b) It’s one piece design, with a cover to lock out. Can accommodate padlocks, hasps, lockout tags etc.

c) There’s a lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to limit access to authorized employees.


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LTTLockout tagout test program

1. Purpose: to protect employees from being harmed by the energy stored in the machine.

2. Scope of application: it needs to contact or work near the machine or equipment with or stored energy.

3. Definition: the power supply should be locked before installation/maintenance/adjustment/inspection/cleaning of the equipment. When the power supply cannot be locked, the hangtag should be used to indicate that the maintenance work is in progress.

4. Lock: employees add tools such as locks to machines or instruments with energy, so that they cannot be activated casually.

5. Listing: when the machine or instrument cannot or is not suitable for "locking" method, hang the card with dangerous image or text mark next to the machine or instrument with energy to remind the employee of the relevant danger.

6. Suspended equipment: equipment has been closed for maintenance, improvement and other purposes, such equipment should be locked and listed.

Concessionaires: a group of employees who are properly trained and understand the proper implementation of LTT procedures.

Affected employees: some employees who work near a device that will perform an "LTT" program may be affected by the device, but they are not recognized and allowed to operate the "LTT" program.

No energy state: state energy in which all stored energy in a machine has been released, including electrical locking, mechanical locking or fastening, etc.