Padlock Hasp Tag Combined Lockout Station

Padlock Hasp Tag Combined Lockout Station
Product Details

Part No.: LS12

Padlock Hasp Tag Combined Lockout Station

a)      Made from engineering plastic PC.

b)       It’s one piece design, with a cover to lock out.

c)       Can accommodate several padlock, hasp, tagout and mini lockout etc.

d)     There’s a lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to limit access to authorized employees.

e)      The overall size: 520mm(W)x631mm(H)x85mm(D)


Part No.



Can   accommodate 40 padlocks, 8 hasps and tags.

Effective safety measures in equipment maintenance 3

The protection measures of locking up and listing can be said to be an effective safety protection measures in the process of equipment maintenance. It effectively protects the maintenance personnel's safety, protects the equipment from being damaged, prevents the accident caused by the accidental release of equipment energy, and enables the maintenance personnel to control the danger themselves, so as to ensure their safety management is in place. The safety management of laboratory is the key to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.

Establish a long-term mechanism to promote the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of safety management. The establishment of long-term mechanism is the key link of safety management and the objective requirement to guide the development of laboratory safety.

The establishment of a long-term mechanism: first, to establish and improve the laboratory safety management rules and regulations, especially according to different laboratory safety management rules and regulations, especially according to different laboratories to formulate targeted, practical safety technology and safety management methods. The second is to build the safety management network system of the company, functional departments, experimental centers, test technicians and experimenters. It is necessary to implement the responsibility system of safety production in an all-round way and form a good atmosphere of joint management, so that the safety management of the laboratory is horizontal to the side and vertical to the end, layer by layer, link by link, layer by layer and link by link.