Tag Combined Lockout Station

Tag Combined Lockout Station

Part No.: LS14 Combined Lockout Station a) Made from engineering plastic PC. b) It’s one piece design, with a cover to lock out. c) Can accommodate several padlock, hasp, tagout and mini lockout etc. d) There’s a lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to limit access to authorized...


Part No.: LS14

Tag Combined Lockout Station

a)      The shell of station is made from PC, the baseboard is made from ABS.

b)       One piece design with a cover to lock.

c)       It contains padlocks, hasps, tagouts and mini lockouts .

d)     A lockable combination padlock hole for locking out to limit access to authorized workers.

e)      The overall size: 520mm(W)x631mm(H)x85mm(D)


Part No.



Can   accommodate a number of lockout tags.

The use principle of the safety sign

1. Safety signs needed at the gate outside the factory

1. Relevant safety signs with height and width limits shall be set at the gate with vehicles.

"No smoking" safety signs

3. Set up safety protection signs according to the factory situation. Such as "must wear a helmet", "must wear protective glasses", "must wear protective shoes".

Safety signs required in the factory

1. Set up warning signs in relevant places

2. Set "beware of mechanical injury" in power distribution room, switch and other places.

Safety sign

In the machining workshop that causes hand injury, set "beware of hand injury".

In casting workshops and workshops with sharp corners and loose materials that are likely to cause foot injuries, set "beware of foot pricking".

3. Graphic signs with mandatory preventive measures shall be set at the doors of relevant workshops requiring protection.

In the workshop prone to spatter, such as welding, cutting, machining workshop, set "must wear protective glasses".

In workshops where noise exceeds 85db, "ear protectors must be worn".

"Protective gloves must be worn" should be set in the work place where hands are easy to be hurt, such as the mechanical processing workshop where hands are easy to be cut, and the work place where electric shock is easy to occur.

"Protective shoes must be worn" should be set up in workshops that are prone to foot smash (stab) injury.

Use warning stripes to distinguish between workplaces

Important or dangerous production and processing zones can be delimited by red and yellow zebra belts and marked with "danger" warning signs


I. accident history

March 19, a standard parts factory in the night production process, stamping worker Yang xx operation 100t open double column press, processing 802 cylinder head bolts. After production for a period of time, because the molds need to be replaced (this machine is produced by a single person), Yang xx in the case of not turning off the power supply and did not take safety measures, a single person standing at the position of the equipment operator to unload the molds. The sliding block of the upper mould suddenly fell down, and Yang's right hand was suddenly pressed down by the pressure head, causing two sections of the first middle finger and ring finger of the right index finger to be severed.

Ii. Accident analysis

The direct cause of this accident is that the stamping worker Yang xx violated the safety operation rules and changed the mold and mistakenly operated it without turning off the power and taking safety measures, which led to the accident. The indirect cause of the accident is that the factory and workshop safety management, safety education, safety inspection is not in place, especially for the special operation of the workers who are engaged in the post of safety operation procedures education is not enough, lax requirements.

Iii. Accident lessons and preventive measures

Stamping operation is a dangerous work, a little careless prone to the accident of broken fingers and broken hands, due to stamping operations every year a lot of accidents, is the focus of enterprise safety management. According to the provisions of the safety operation rules, the maintenance and repair must be reliable to cut off the power supply and hang "no closing, someone operating" warning board, the upper and lower mold lock and support, and then work. The accident was clearly a serious violation of regulations.

In terms of preventive measures, it is necessary to strengthen the safety education of stamping workers and the targeted training of post safety operation rules, as well as the strict examination of practical operation skills. Enterprises should draw lessons from the accident, strict safety management, for the violation of safe operation procedures to increase the intensity of punishment, punishment, so as to eliminate serious violations.

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