Portable Group Lock Key Box

Portable Group Lock Key Box
Product Details

Part No.: LK02

Portable Group Lock Box

a) Made from surface high temperature spraying plastic treatment steel plate and stainless steel nylon handle.

b) Several person can lock the important parts at the same time, can accommodate 13 padlocks.

c) Can used as mini portable lockout box, can accommodate several tagout, hasp, mini lockout etc.

d) The label message in English. Other language can be custom made.

e) Be equipped with the supervisor lock. 


Part No.



Size: 230mm(W)×155mm(H)×90mm(D)



Lockout tagout- the "affected person" can verify the protective layer in the following ways

Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to press or change the switch or valve status for testing!

The device lock key has been locked in the lock box by the centralized tag.

The authorized person's personal lock has been previously locked on the centralized lock box.

Call a qualified person who is familiar with the device and try to start the device. The device does not move.

The indicator light of the operating panel in the working area has been extinguished.

Observe that the pressure gauge on the line indicates "0" or an acceptable state, confirming that the gas or liquid has been isolated and drained.

Observe the vapor thermometer to indicate cooling and confirm that there is no risk of thermal damage.

It is possible that the cylinder block class support object has been moved to the lowest position or has been locked by the locating pin.

Visual identification fan has stopped operation.

Listen for the sound of no equipment or motor running in the working area.

No movable items or mobile devices are fixed at the site.

Example of Lockout tagout verification - electrical energy 1

Turn the isolation device into a disconnecting position to isolate the electric energy;

Pull out the locking device;

Lockout tagout;

Confirm that isolation device, locking device and equipment lock/overhaul plate are intact and firm;

Verify that the switch cannot be changed.