Do Not Operate PVC Tag

Do Not Operate PVC Tag
Product Details

Part No.: LT02

Safety Warning Tag

a) Made from PVC material.

b) Can be written by erasable pen.

c) Use with padlock to remind that the device has been lockout and can not be operated .It can only be opened by the one who lock it.

d) On tag, you can see “danger /Do not operate/Caution security warning language and also "name /department /date"etc blank for you to fill in.

e) Other wording and design can be customized.


Part No.



Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


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The use principle of the safety sign

1. Safety signs needed at the gate outside the factory

1. Relevant safety signs with height and width limits shall be set at the gate with vehicles.

"No smoking" safety signs

3. Set up safety protection signs according to the factory situation. Such as "must wear a helmet", "must wear protective glasses", "must wear protective shoes".

Safety signs required in the factory

1. Set up warning signs in relevant places

2. Set "beware of mechanical injury" in power distribution room, switch and other places.

Safety sign

In the machining workshop that causes hand injury, set "beware of hand injury".

In casting workshops and workshops with sharp corners and loose materials that are likely to cause foot injuries, set "beware of foot pricking".

3. Graphic signs with mandatory preventive measures shall be set at the doors of relevant workshops requiring protection.

In the workshop prone to spatter, such as welding, cutting, machining workshop, set "must wear protective glasses".

In workshops where noise exceeds 85db, "ear protectors must be worn".

"Protective gloves must be worn" should be set in the work place where hands are easy to be hurt, such as the mechanical processing workshop where hands are easy to be cut, and the work place where electric shock is easy to occur.

"Protective shoes must be worn" should be set up in workshops that are prone to foot smash (stab) injury.

Use warning stripes to distinguish between workplaces

Important or dangerous production and processing zones can be delimited by red and yellow zebra belts and marked with "danger" warning signs

Overhaul circulating water valves (excluding valves controlling CO pipelines and equipment) and water-cooled cables

1. The calcium carbide furnace is shut down and tagout according to the tag system.

2. When overhauling and replacing the circulating water pipeline and water supply equipment, clean the water and steam in the pipeline before maintenance.

3. When replacing the circulating water valve and cold water cable, close the inlet valve of circulating water, and the service personnel should work sideways instead of facing the rubber hose and valve.

4. When using the hoist, it is forbidden to stand directly below, and the fulcrum of the hoist shall be fixed firmly.

5. At least two or more people should be involved in lifting and releasing heavy objects, with close cooperation, coordination and command.

6. For hoisting the hoist, inspecting the water-cooled cable and other climbing operations, it is necessary to wear the anti-fall tool (safety belt) and fasten the safety belt above the climber's chest. The workshop leader shall confirm that the staff working at the top should not be engaged in the work at the top if they have hypertension, heart disease or poor working spirit.

7. Avoid vertical operation from top to bottom. If it is unavoidable, reliable isolation measures must be taken for both sides. Work on only one operational area without isolation measures.

8. Install leakage protector on mobile appliances and lamps, and the lighting power supply voltage shall not exceed 36V.