Plastic Sealed Safety Loto Tags

Plastic Sealed Safety Loto Tags
Product Details

Part No.: LT03

Safety Warning Tag

a) Made from PVC material.

b) Can be written by erasable pen.

c) Use with padlock to remind that the device has been lockout and can not be operated .It can only be opened by the one who lock it.

d) On tag, you can see “danger /Do not operate/Caution security warning language and also "name /department /date"etc blank for you to fill in.

e) Other wording and design can be customized.


Part No.



Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


LTT tag

It is not enough to use the listing procedure alone in the machinery and equipment driven by electricity. The listing procedure should only be used when the locked procedure cannot be used, and the following precautions should be followed:

Attention must be paid to the degree of danger and precautions.

Employees concerned or to be affected must be informed of the relevant hazardous conditions and precautions.

The listing must be firmly attached to the relevant machinery.

The contents of the listing must be clear and easy to read, and the contents should include:

The date and time of the listing

Who hangs the hangar

The locked program executes the steps

Inform affected employees

Know exactly where the energy comes from

The main step is to understand the potential power of the machine

Observe all throats/tubes connected to the machine

It is not to be believed that the power supply of the wire has been cut off

Eliminate and lock in energy sources

Carry out related maintenance activities

Verify that all personnel are away from the equipment

Make sure all switches are in the "off" position

Reconnect to power or energy source and verify that the machine is working properly

Inform relevant staff that the machine has resumed normal operation