Safety Warning Danger Loto Tags

Safety Warning Danger Loto Tags
Product Details

Part No.: LT03

Safety Warning Tag

a) Made from PVC material.

b) Can be written by erasable pen.

c) Use with padlock to remind that the device has been lockout and can not be operated .It can only be opened by the one who lock it.

d) On tag, you can see “danger /Do not operate/Caution security warning language and also "name /department /date"etc blank for you to fill in.

e) Other wording and design can be customized.


Part No.



Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Size: 75mm(W)×146mm(H)×0.5mm(T)


Cement mill

Isolate what?


Cement mill


Where to isolate?

Visual inspection

Does everyone involved know?

Electrical part

Main drive motor

Auxiliary transmission motor

Main fan motor

Feeding belt motor

Cement mill

Mechanical parts

Return material (coarse material) isolation

Mechanical isolation

Check the product material

Electrical isolation

Water and gas isolation

Where to isolate?

Electrical isolation can be done on the field switch or Lockout tagout in the distribution room

Mechanical isolation is Lockout tagout on the associated device

Visual inspection

Inside the mill - check the grinding body for looseness

Inside the separator - check overhead objects

Belt machine energy isolation

Electrical isolation

The belt needs to be operated by all relevant drive motors

Electrical control of rope switch and anti-deviation device

The sampling device power supply or magnet power supply is involved

Can be Lockout tagout on the field switch or in the distribution room

Mechanical isolation

Reverse stop in effect

Lockout tagout on the associated device

Belt conveyor cleaning, maintenance safety

Do not expect the emergency pull - cord switch to stop the belt immediately.

"The result must have disappointed you!"

The belt machine may start or stop at any time.

Do not use the pull rope switch as a lock point

Make sure the belt is effectively locked - verify the "zero energy state"