11·11 Shopping Carnival

11·11 Shopping Carnival

Nov 13, 2018

Double Eleven a carnival online shopping is to point to every year on November 11 (singles day) network promotion day. On this day, many online merchants will be large-scale promotional activities.

Origin of the festival

Double Eleven one online carnival originates from Chinese online mall in promotional activities held on November 11, 2009, was involved in the number of merchants and promotions are limited, but the turnover far in excess of the expected effect, so on November 11, became China's fixed date network platform in large-scale promotional activities. Double Eleven in recent years has become an annual event in China's e-commerce industry, and gradually affect the international e-commerce industry. The Double Eleven, 2018, 2 minutes 5 seconds turnover reached 10 billion yuan. 26 points 02 seconds turnover reached 50 billion yuan, Double Eleven day cat a breakthrough 50 billion yuan last year in 40 points and 12 seconds; 1 hour and turnover of 67.2 billion yuan. 1 hour 01 points turnover topped $10 billion;

Now lockey want to bring a unique double tenth promotions to international friends, to feel the unique electricity from China's day together, feeling warm atmosphere from e-commerce industry. In double tenth place an order during the period of a client, you can enjoy preferential, 7 fold the huge opportunities are rare, hope you can come together to participate in China's Double Eleven party!