3.14 The Accident

3.14 The Accident

Mar 28, 2019

details of the accident

In 2012, the raw material section of tianshan cement plant was shut down for maintenance. One operator enters the tee under the long belt to clean the caked materials, and one person nearby to supervise. All of a sudden, the long belt opens and material falls from the top of the operator, hitting the operator. Beside the guardian immediately contact the central control personnel stop, the operator rescued. No casualties were reported.

The cause of the accident

1. When the machine is stopped for maintenance, the long belt is not cut off and not tagout.

2. When the central control staff starts up the machine, it fails to check the on-site situation with the on-site staff.

3. The guardian fails to fulfill the responsibility of safety guardianship. When the belt is opened, it is not found and stopped in time.

Enlightenment and corrective measures:

1. When all equipment is stopped for maintenance, it must be cut off and listed.

2. When the machine is stopped for maintenance, central control shall communicate and coordinate with field personnel to open any equipment, and confirm that the equipment to be opened is unmanned.

3. Safety monitoring personnel should take the responsibility of monitoring and keep contact with central control personnel of maintenance personnel in time.