Talking About The Design And Application Of Valve Lockout

Talking About The Design And Application Of Valve Lockout

Jun 09, 2017

Talking about the Design and Application of Valve Lockout
Valve lock is in the fluid system, used to control the direction of the fluid, pressure, flow device. Valve lock is a device that allows piping and equipment (liquids, gases, powders) to flow or stop and control its flow. Valve lock is the control part of the pipeline fluid delivery system, it is used to change the channel cross-section and the flow direction of the media, with diversion, cut-off, throttle, stop, shunt or overflow pressure and other functions. Valve lock for fluid control, from the most saver check valve to a very complex automatic control system used in a variety of valve lock, its variety and specifications, the valve lock can be used to control water, steam, oil, gas, Mud, a variety of corrosive media, liquid metal radioactive fluid and other types of fluid flow, the valve lock the working pressure can be from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa of ultra high pressure, the working temperature from -269 ℃ ultra-low temperature to 1430 ℃ high temperature The There are many types of valves used in power plants, which can be classified into different categories according to different classification methods. According to the media through the valve can be divided into cast iron valve, cast steel valve, forged steel valve, alloy valve, etc.: Valve lock control can be divided into a valve, Using a variety of pass Dongfang City, such as manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, turbine, electromagnetic, electromagnetic hydraulic, point hydraulic, gas and hydraulic, spur gear, bevel gear drive and so on.
Valve lock is a pipe accessory. It is used to change the channel cross-section and the flow direction of the media to control the flow of the transmission medium of a device. Specifically, the valve lock has the following centralized use: (1) turn on or cut off the medium in the pipeline. Such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, plug valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve and so on. (2) to regulate and control the flow and pressure of the medium in the pipeline. Such as throttle, regulating valve, pressure reducing valve, safety valve and so on. At present, the author of the most common, the most widely used is in accordance with the valve lock pressure, temperature and structural characteristics to classify the method.
Through the above description, so that people understand the role of the valve lock in the work and the use of the scope, once misuse, will lead to serious consequences, endanger the safety of life and property, so the valve lock lock can play a very good security role. How much of the valve lock can be used, according to the valve lock the model, size, characteristics of the adjustment, as long as a slight change in size can be.
1. Design purpose and safety
In the construction of electricity is not every violation of the accident, the formal phenomenon due to the existence of this phenomenon, coupled with the low level of cultural quality of employees, security awareness of self-discipline shallow, there is chances, the serious consequences of the violation of the phenomenon of awareness is not Clear, so as usual serious consequences.
The author engaged in the installation and maintenance of 26 years, at work to try to run, repair and construction personnel misuse caused by the accident, to the country, units and families to bring huge losses and pain. In order to avoid accidents, so the author's long-term production experience designed to avoid a set of operational safety measures to avoid mistakes. It is a valve lock lock that is considered to be designed to prevent operation failure. This type of valve lock lock can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, oil, natural gas, power plant, nuclear power, metallurgy and other fields. Installation and removal of simple and convenient, only to do flexible, generous appearance, from any venue, environment, humidity and other effects. Does not affect the operation of any equipment, the hair of the insulation of the anti-corrosion Department of any impact, according to the size of the valve lock the size of the operation.

(2) the reliability and integrity of the design, without maintenance; (3) the design and manufacture of compactness and the reliability of the design and manufacture of the valve lock lock can be used, Easy to operate the characteristics; (4) easy to lock with the valve link, nice, easy to carry, free from the environment, temperature, place, corrosion; (5) low manufacturing costs, flexible operation, installation, easy to remove, easy to carry , High security, durable. Widely used and so on.
2. Practical application effect
In recent years, China has also been more and more attention to the safety of production equipment, so that greatly improve the safety of the device, can completely avoid the operation errors caused by the accident. The design of the valve lock lock to the current position is unique, the valve lock lock is mainly used to lock the hand wheel to control the operation of the valve lock lock end of the link with the bonnet bolt, the link is made with the internal thread Two nuts, the middle of the chain with the chain link, one end screwed with its matching bonnet bolts (internal thread nut wire and bonnet bolt wire matching), the other end has an external thread of the live and that paragraph Of the internal thread of the nut link, with a chain around the valve to lock the hand wheel, the chain ends with the external thread live with the pin link, hand wheel and bonnet is a vertical link, this link is as long as the valve lock lock, unless Release the middle of the live or damage, or can not open the valve lock. Overhaul or open, close the valve lock, as long as unscrew the middle of the live on it. Valve lock lock is mainly used in some often closed and normally open the valve lock, there are some maintenance on and off the valve lock, the other need to lock the lock can also be used. A lock can also lock two valves locked, so that it is mainly to protect it from accidental operation and cause an accident.
Through practical verification, effective, but also save a lot of material. Valve lock lock in Bijie Power Plant, Qitaihe Power Plant, Guizhou Liupanshui Power Plant, Jixi Power Plant, Hunan Chuangyuan Power Plant, Jiangxi Nantong Power Plant, Inner Mongolia Zhungeer Power Plant, Shandong Binzhou Power Plant, Henan Shenhuo Aluminum Power Plant and so on have been applied, The effect is very good. As well as in the various power plant commissioning and maintenance period is widely used to avoid the occurrence of mistaken operation to ensure the safe operation of equipment.