Development Of Safety Warning Tag

Development Of Safety Warning Tag

Jun 09, 2017

Development of Safety Warning Tag
Safety warning label development prospects, etching method compared with the traditional mechanical punching method, with a short production cycle, modify the size of the advantages of convenient and quick. The mechanical punching method must have high precision punching equipment and mold processing equipment, the development cycle to 2 to 3 months. Due to the particularity of the etching method, the complexity of the parts has nothing to do with the degree of ease of processing, and the mechanical punching method to deal with complex parts to live will increase the manufacturing difficulty, and some even can not be processed. Etching method only need to design the film, the new development costs less. Etching method of manufacturing metal parts without burrs, do not change the magnetic properties of materials, processed products after the smooth hair is not the slightest change. Etching method for large quantities, large variety, large flat surface of the thin metal materials processing and metal products on the surface decoration, but also applies to single pieces of small batch proofing. It is used in all kinds of integrated circuit lead frame and fluorescent display array, grid, micro-charge, integrated circuit cover, surface mount, solder paste circuit board and other products.
Do you know the safety warning label production method? Safety Warning Tag in our lives can help us in many places, but we almost no one can think of it a few people how to make the method, today's security warning label factory to say how the production method is, we all together to understand What about it:
1. Product design: According to the drawings, pictures or samples to design product size, thickness, structure, angle and surface font effects.
2. Mold forming: After the completion of the drawing through the professional three-dimensional software to convert the file, start mold engraving → mold polishing → mold assembly → test mode → complete.
3. Injection processing: the mold installed to the injection molding machine for debugging, pay attention to observe the surface effect, to ensure that the injection safety warning label products after passing into batch processing.
4. Surface treatment: product blank after forming into the surface color to add, according to the prefabricated effect to select the required process. Such as: electroplating, spraying, printing, sculpture and other surface treatment, here is not an example, for more detailed production process, please move the injection safety warning label production process reference materials.
5. Packaging: After the completion of all processes after the completion of the need for injection safety warning label products to paste double-sided adhesive, stickers easy to install after use (select the set foot, buckle, screw hole installed products except). Paste the finished product after the test to prevent bad products into the qualified products, where we have finished the finished product to be completed into the packaging link. After passing the inspection one by one bagging, quantitative small carton packaging, and then a small paper box packing.
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