Accident Case Analysis

Accident Case Analysis

Oct 15, 2020

Analysis of the case of electric death caused by the closing of the wrong work ticket

In 2007, in a 35KV substation of a power supply enterprise, the operator on duty, Surnamed Wan, completed the operation at 9 o 'clock according to the work ticket filled in by the maintenance shift of the unit, and hung a sign on the operation handle saying, "No closing for operation when there is operation". 12 o 'clock, wan and deputy pay a shift, wan verbally explained the work ticket listed tasks and matters to pay attention to, and fill in the duty record "Lang Zhang line someone to work, waiting for the return of the work ticket to send electricity". 17 o 'clock, pay some from outside patrol high voltage equipment area back to the duty room, see a lang Zhang line work ticket, that lang Zhang line work has ended, in the absence of careful review of the work ticket, did not fill in the operation ticket, did not follow the five steps of the operation of a series of illegal operations, in 18:36 will lang Zhang line to restore power. At this point, the maintenance crew is lang zhang online nervous work, line maintenance worker zhang in lang zhang line cannery type distribution transformer door frame work, other people are around the transformer work, not hang short circuit grounding line before starting work, in pay for one instant, into electricity zhang mou get an electric shock, high door type rack fell from 5.1.

3. Cause analysis

(1) The main reason for this accident is that fu Mou, the on-duty officer of substation, violates the "Electric Industry Safety Working Regulations" (the electrical part of power plants and substations), "The on-duty officer is not allowed to close the power supply of construction equipment before the completion of work ticket procedures".

(2) in violation of the electric job security "the regulation (power line)" the job permits a person to all working controller (including users) after completion of the report, and know the work has been finished, all staff have been evacuated by lines, grounding line has been removed, and the record book to proofread and correct rear can ordered the demolition of the power plant and substation circuit safety measures, to the line resume sending "and" line after check clear no voltage, the working class in the work area immediately ends hanging earthing line "the regulation is also the important cause of the accident.

3 Preventive Measures

(1) Power transmission is strictly prohibited before the completion of the work ticket.

(2) The work ticket should be carefully reviewed, not blind transmission. When the power supply is stopped, the five system should be strictly followed

Require operation.

(3) Closed work tickets should be stamped with the "executed" seal and properly kept.

(4) Conscientiously perform the termination and restoration of the power transmission system according to the requirements of regulations.

(5) High voltage line work, after the power failure must check the electricity, and at both ends of the work area to hang the ground wire.