Acetylene Workshop Energy Isolation

Acetylene Workshop Energy Isolation

Jul 18, 2020

In order to further improve the acetylene workshop on energy hazard protection standards, the specification is equipped with the protection facilities, acetylene plant various professional and technical personnel specification for energy isolation work actively, listed energy isolation number list each process and specification standards on energy isolation, isolation respectively from rotating parts, electrical equipment, isolation, dangerous chemicals, the isolation of energy isolation operational standard specification.

"Since the start of the energy isolation operation, from the process system energy isolation assessment, cleaning plan, detection method, blind plate installation, electrical partition, Lockout Tagout to the completion of the energy isolation operation, responsibility to the person, confirmed in place. In the prevention of media 'run, risk, drip, leakage' and other aspects of effective control, detailed safety control measures in the process of operation, effectively reduce the operation risk. Acetylene workshop technician Yuan Jinhua introduced to the author.

It is understood that, in order to ensure the implementation effect, acetylene workshop developed the energy isolation operation implementation plan. The activity is divided into two stages: self-examination and self-reform and consolidation and promotion. In check list from the change of phase, required for professional to in charge of the operational activities within the scope of the equipment and facilities, self-check, establish routine listing, listing details organization project, protection standards, specific measures, responsible, after approval by the relevant departments and the head of the company, the implementation of each activity in accordance with the standards implementation. To strengthen, the phase of requirement each organization personnel according to the implementation effect, updated monthly statistics of the protective measures, the scene in isolation, in strict accordance with the standard technology group timely inspection on each organizational unit activities to carry out the situation, the activities carried out in a timely manner, is not correct, do not attach importance to the implementation of the notification examination training again, to ensure that activities efficient and orderly.

Since the advance of energy isolation work, acetylene workshop has fully refined the implementation of safety measures, and further realized the essential safety control and implementation requirements. "Looking at previous accidents, most of them were caused by accidental release of energy. The development of energy isolation operation clarified the operation execution standard, refined the detailed steps of operation, and standardized the operation execution process, which effectively reflected the characteristics of essentialization, normalization and efficiency. Only by improving the implementation standards, implementing the requirements of separation, summarizing the working nodes and accumulating the essential safety management experience, can we guarantee the safe, stable and long-term operation of the production plant.