Alternative Methods

Alternative Methods

Oct 24, 2019

Alternative methods

Completing the Lockout tagout is always the first choice.

The establishment of alternative methods must be based on risk assessment of machines, equipment, processes and circuits.

Such alternative risk assessment and procedures must also include identification of procedures to be implemented prior to commencement of work in accordance with other requirements or country-specific regulations, thereby reducing or eliminating employees' exposure to hazards

The risk assessment

Risk assessment is used to identify the safest possible conditions for individual operations. Risk assessment establishes safety measures and alternatives that can be used to reduce the likelihood of injury when the normal Lockout tagout procedure cannot be applied. Risk assessment must include the identification and enforcement of control measures so that other regulatory requirements can be met.

Shift or personnel changes

The maximum allowable time for each Lockout tagout is the shorter of a shift or task completion. It is important to ensure the integrity of the Lockout tagout procedure, whether alone or by using direct Lockout tagout transitions, transformation locks, or other appropriate means.

LOTO of contract action

It is important to comply with all aspects of the company's Lockout tagout whether the contractor is working on a site/operation or the company's personnel are performing the work as the contractor. One of the best practices is to designate an authorized representative of the company to perform the Lockout tagout step, in which case the external service personnel or contractor should attach their own person to Lockout tagout and secure the same energy isolator that the company representative has locked. This is commonly referred to as "the company first up and then down".