Although The Safety Padlock, But Four Major Errors Have To Know

Although The Safety Padlock, But Four Major Errors Have To Know

Sep 05, 2017

Although the Safety Padlock, but four major errors have to know
Safety Padlock for easy intelligence
The development of science and technology is the convenience of life, smart home products is a typical example, as one of its important components, and now the development of Safety Padlock technology is also changing, more and more users recognized and sought after. In order to let you in a number of products in the better choice for you that one, today Xiaobian to give you tips a few common errors, hoping to give you some help.
Common mistakes 1:
Iris, face recognition, the more remote the phone more secure
Fingerprints, passwords, proximity cards are the current way to unlock the opening, iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote, app and other technologies are still perfect, the new technology is not stable before, to some extent, let some people have By the machine, resulting in security risks are immeasurable, those who have not really mature "high-tech" in practical applications, you may find these are routines.
Common errors 2:
Follow blindly
With the network more and more developed, access to information channels are more diversified, but the Safety Padlock as a practical home products, before buying or need to do more homework, according to their actual situation to choose to buy the style and function. For example, a Korean Safety Padlock with a Korean fire, but in actual use but found that South Korea's doors are generally relatively thin, light, and most of the Chinese family is thicker, heavy doors, South Korea installed in China It is very difficult, and the door lock can not be used in Chinese families, life may also be shortened.
Common mistake 3:
No mechanical lock pad safety padlock more secure
No matter what the lock, the first priority is to protect the security, Safety Padlock can not deviate from this road. Recently Xiaobian found some manufacturers trying to abandon the traditional mechanical lock cylinder, switch to automatic switch. This approach is not worth promoting. We can never predict when the Safety Padlock will be when there are some minor problems, mechanical lock cylinder is an emergency to an emergency protection.
Common mistakes 4:
Safety Padlocks are high luxury
The market there are some high prices of Safety Padlock products, coupled with the consumer's understanding of the Safety Padlock market is not enough, resulting in a lot of consumers still believe that the Safety Padlock is a high-end consumer goods. With the development of smart home market these years, the Safety Padlock is already not high on the luxury, many cheap products have quietly approached our lives, we can buy through the use of materials, stability, security, etc. Consider, to avoid the price of high Safety Padlocks, choose a really suitable for your Safety Padlock.
     At the end of October, "China's security linked to the lock industry and the Internet dual drive development forum" held in Shanghai, the meeting data show that: At present, the national lock industry's total output value reached 60 billion yuan, of which intelligent door lock industry output 6 billion yuan. Traditional mechanical locks still occupy most of the market share, Safety Padlock has not yet entered the majority of the family.
      At present, the Safety Padlock market demand mainly lies in the financial, military and police, business office, high-end residential, new real estate, etc., for ordinary consumers, their awareness of the Safety Padlock is not high, is still in the adaptation phase.
      China's Safety Padlock in the civil lock market share of only 2%, while in Europe and the United States, the Safety Padlock accounted for 50% of civilian locks, Japan and South Korea, has accounted for more than 70% of civil lock market share, Padlock ratio is as high as 90%.
       In fact, compared with the traditional mechanical locks, the advantages of Safety Padlock is obvious. Its not only tall, but also in the use of quite convenient, at the same time, the safety factor is also greatly improved.
       Most domestic manufacturers have a fingerprint, password, remote control key, mobile phone and other open mode .......
Grounding gas point, the surrounding friends wedding dress new houses everywhere, chatting about the lock problem, we all agreed to choose the safety padlock. Their reason is a trendy, the second is safe, the third is convenient, four beautiful appearance has to force grid, we do not believe that thieves technology can catch up with the Safety Padlock R & D team.
      And ordinary home appliances, the development of safe padlock climax will not come far. For example, we still use black and white TV, color TV appeared. But in the village only "million households" can afford ah. But the attractiveness of the product can not stop the price rise. So the development of the Safety Padlock will not be imprisoned