Application Of LOTO Scheme

Application Of LOTO Scheme

May 30, 2020

Application of LOTO scheme

Primary, secondary, stored, or individual energy sources need to be locked when performing service or maintenance

Service or maintenance:

Maintenance, preventive maintenance, improvement and installation activities for machines, equipment, processes and wiring. These activities require a machine, device, process or route, or part thereof, to be in a "zero energy state." The person performing these activities must use Lockout/tagout in accordance with the protocol.

When Lockout/tagout for machines, devices, processes, and lines is not available, alternative methods should be used.

This standard applies to, but is not limited to, activities performed on a machine, equipment, process or circuit.

Lockout/tagout applies to a variety of energy sources, including but not limited to the energy sources listed below

Radiation, who ah, electricity, water, magnetic, gas, steam, chemical coolant, pneumatic.

The following is a list of typical activities for which energy control procedures are applicable

Build, install, build, repair, adjust, inspect, open, assemble, find and solve faults, test, clean, dismantle, maintain, repair, lubricate.