Arc Burn Accident

Arc Burn Accident

Mar 02, 2020

Case 1: an arc burn accident

On November 4, 2000, a maintenance worker at a fertilizer plant in anhui province was burned by an electric arc.

Scene: on the morning of November 4, the ammonia pump room no. 1 carbonized pump in the phosphating section hit and burned out. In accordance with the arrangement of the section chief, the section maintenance worker shall notify the electrician on duty to cut off the power supply, remove the wire, and lift the motor down to the base to click the maintenance team for emergency repair. At 1630 hours, the motor was repaired and returned to the pump room. Maintenance group leader Lin to find a hammer, wrench, pad iron, ready to smooth the foundation, put click. When he was about to squat down to work in front of the foundation, he was knocked down by a arc of light, and his partner quickly dragged him out of the scene and sent him to the hospital for treatment. The accident caused arc burns to Lin's left arm and left thigh.

Cause of accident:

1. The main reason for the accident is that the stitches are not completely removed when the electrician cuts off the electricity. Electrician after power failure did not strictly follow the operating procedures, the fuse out, the end of the wire bandaging, and sign warning.

2. When the on-duty operator of the carbonization section opened the carbonization pump, he pushed the switch button by mistake, making the end of the line electrified, which was the inducing factor of the accident.

3. The management of the electrical workshop is chaotic, and the lack of inspection on the implementation of rules for the electrical workers makes the electrical work not standardized, which almost leads to the disaster, which is the indirect cause of the accident

4. Individual electrician professional quality is not high.

Preventive measures:

1. Report the opinions on the handling of the accident to the whole factory, initiate the technical training activities of learning rules, understanding rules and strictly implementing rules, improve the professional quality of employees, and create conditions for preventing similar accidents.

2. The safety department of the chemical fertilizer plant shall strengthen the inspection, and impose a fine of 50-100 yuan upon the violation of rules and regulations caused by incomplete interruption of electric work and non-listing, and shall study in the safety department of the plant for 1 week.

3. It is suggested that the vocational education department of the factory should pay attention to the "charging" problem of maintenance workers in the staff education, so as to strengthen their self-protection ability.