ATEX Certification

ATEX Certification

Dec 08, 2018

Today is a very happy day to celebrate the successful passing of ATEX certification applied by Lockey!

On 23 March 1994, the European commission adopted the directive "equipment and protection systems for potentially explosive environments" (94/9/EC). This directive covers both mine and non-mine equipment and, unlike previous directives, includes mechanical and electrical equipment, extending potentially explosive hazardous environments to airborne dust and combustible gases, combustible vapors and mist. This instruction is commonly called ATEX100A "new method" instruction, namely the current ATEX explosion-proof instruction. It sets out the technical requirements for the application of equipment intended for potentially explosive environments - basic health and safety requirements and conformity assessment procedures that must be followed before the equipment is put into the European market within its range of use.

It's named after French ATmospheresEXplosibles.

Manufacturers of equipment intended to be used in potentially explosive hazardous environments can sell their explosion-proof equipment anywhere in Europe without regard to additional requirements by applying the ATEX directive clause and attaching the CE mark.

The directive applies to a particularly wide range of equipment, broadly including fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills and other potentially explosive environments.

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