Basic Principles Of Lockout And Tagout

Basic Principles Of Lockout And Tagout

May 23, 2019

Safe production is the top priority of enterprise production management. Doing a good job in safe production can not only effectively protect the safety and health of employees, but also better maintain the survival and development of enterprises. According to statistics, at present the world's safety production accidents, about 10% is due to dangerous energy is not effectively controlled. Accidents not only harm the safety of workers, but also easily damage machinery and equipment, resulting in the shutdown of the factory, affecting the efficiency of the enterprise. The research shows that the dangerous energy can be effectively controlled and the accident rate can be reduced by 30-50% by strictly observing the lockout and tagout system in production and debugging.

Basic principles of lockout and tagout

Lockout tagout is a method that conforms to occupational safety and health standards to prevent personal injury by isolating and locking certain hazardous energy sources. Among them, dangerous energy mainly refers to a kind of energy that will cause harm or damage when suddenly opened or released, including electric energy, mechanical energy, hydraulic energy, chemical energy, radiant energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy, energy storage and potential energy. So required equipment, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic system in installation, maintenance, operation, debugging, the process of inspection, cleaning and maintenance staff locked procedure must be strictly implemented, abide by the power equipment, machine of accidental start, to prevent the release of the dangerous energy, causing injuries and property losses.