BBS - Quantitative Risk Analysis

BBS - Quantitative Risk Analysis

Apr 25, 2020

BBS - quantitative risk analysis

Behavior Based Safety of BBS is a Safety management tool that gradually eliminates unsafe behaviors and strengthens safe behaviors through observation and communication of operation behaviors, so as to gradually establish a good Safety culture.

Du pont's STOP, cnooc's five think five don 't-behavior safety observation, petrochina's safety observation and communication, yantai wanhua group's safety audit are another version of BBS. However, in the specific implementation process, BBS encountered many specific difficulties, including:

The premise of Ø BBS implementation

Ø computer-controlled production line how to observe people's behavior

Whether to observe Ø management behavior

What kind of unsafe condition need to observe Ø

Ø BBS data with hidden trouble statistics and data rectification whether to merge

What kind of people need to observe Ø

Whether you need Ø contractor observation, etc

For the above common problems, in fact, many BBS consulting companies have not explained clearly. For large customers, BBS data needs statistics, analysis, manual statistical analysis is very troublesome.