Behavioral Safety Observation - Analysis And Feedback

Behavioral Safety Observation - Analysis And Feedback

Jan 21, 2021

Behavioral safety observation - analysis and feedback

Record the observed safe and unsafe behaviors, and detail the confusion and safety suggestions of the observed employees

Conduct statistics on information and data of behavioral safety observation and communication, and analyze the change trend of statistical results

Preparation of observation report

According to the statistical results of comparative analysis, put forward the behavior safety observation and communication improvement suggestions

The results of safety behavior observations can be fed back through bulletin boards, news boards or in meetings

After the safety observation, fill in the observation content in the form within 24 hours

Observers should fill in the safety observation record form independently. The purpose of filling in the safety observation record form is only for statistical analysis of data, so as to formulate safety improvement measures, and it has no impact on the observed

Fill in a record form for each safety observation. The safety observation of multiple areas or multiple people in the same period of time is regarded as one safety observation

When an unsafe behavior (or condition) is observed, mark "X" in front of its corresponding subitem. If there is no corresponding subitem, increase the dose in the blank column of the subitem

If there are many people working in the safety observation area, the sum of the number of safe and unsafe behaviors (or conditions) of all people will be counted

Keep a concise record of your communication in a conversational manner

The problems found in the observation should be fed back to the responsible department and person in charge, and the rectification situation should be followed up until the problems are closed