Brief Introduction Of LOTO Devices

Brief Introduction Of LOTO Devices

Aug 24, 2018

Safety padlock is a necessary device to complete lockout with other locks. No matter what kind of protective device, ultimately the lockout shall be completed through a safety padlock. The safety padlock can be used alone, while other safety lockouts cannot, so the application of the safety padlock is very extensive and the market demand is also very large.

Circuit breaker lockout is a kind of electrical protection appliance, particularly relating to the lockout used to prevent the mistaken operation of breaker lockout.

Valve lockout is mainly used to lock the valve and protect the safety of valve operation.Whether the valve lockouts are applied or not, it is related to the importance of safe operation. Some valves are usually open and some valves are normally closed. Therefore, safety should be considered to avoid mistaken operation.

The cable lockout is the safety lockout which is fixed through the cable winding and finally locked with a safety padlock.Cable locks have a wide range of applications and require only one cable lockout to complete the lockout of multiple devices or switches. Usually used to lock various valves and conventional lockouts can not lock the special power source, thus, cable lockout is an indispensable effective tool in various locking procedure.

Lockout hasp is the safety lockout which can provide multiple padlock points, so that the equipment can use multiple safety padlocks at the same time for lockout management. During the maintenance of equipment, the device cannot start operation unless all padlocks are opened. It can effectively prevent safety accidents caused by employee misoperation.

Management lockout station is an important part of Lockout/Tagout program, mainly including lockout plate, lockout station, lockout box, lockout bag and so on. It can effectively manage the LOTO devices, properly store them and avoid the management chaos caused by the wrong handling of employees.