Cable Lockout Into The Future Market

Cable Lockout Into The Future Market

Jul 24, 2017

Cable Lockout into the future market

Experts believe that China's Cable Lockout label market in the next five years an average annual growth rate will reach 12%, especially in the flexible packaging and plastic packaging, and glass packaging inevitably replaced the other way of packing, greatly ahead of the growth of the Cable Lockout tabs, average annual growth rate will reach 16%, so the Cable Lockout in 2015 tags will become the biggest and most leading food labeling application.

When it comes to development trends, we need to look back and see what has happened around the world in the last 10 years. Start in the new century we are faced with the challenge of various aspects such as the Internet economy began to take off, in expanding the global economic integration, at the same time, the world is faced with the threat of terrorism, which create tensions in the Middle East, created a shortage of crude oil, climate change and global warming, five years ago the rise of new economy, the threat of a financial storm over the past three years, the earth face the test of natural disasters... In these cases, the world economy begins to shift to developing countries in South America, eastern Europe and Asia.

China Cable Lockout market future outlook

Experts believe that China's Cable Lockout label market in the next five years an average annual growth rate will reach 12%, the consumption will increase from the current 1.6 billion square meters to 1.6 billion of 2.9 billion square meters, 10 years later will be close to 5 billion square meters, its growth areas are mainly concentrated in four big industry. Food industry labels, for example, will grow significantly in the next five years, thanks to the food industry's own development.

The food industry in the next five years will maintain a 7% average annual growth rate, in the process of its development, the application of metal, glass, plastic packaging will be increased, the growth of food labels formed a big impetus, due to the adoption of packing, makes the label is higher than the growth of the food industry's own growth, average annual growth rate will reach 10%. Specific to Cable Lockout

The trend of world economic development

Developed economies in 2010 gross domestic product accounted for 69% of the global economy, is expected in 2020 will fall to 61%, the proportion of this means that in the next 10 years proportion increased significantly in the economy, developing countries will play a more important role of economies. In 2000, the U.S. gross domestic product was four times that of China, but experts estimate that China's GDP will reach half that of the United States by 2020, and it will rise from 25% to 50% in just 20 years.

That coincide with the world economy, global Cable Lockout the dosage of the tags are developing, the world's current Cable Lockout label market size is about 15 billion square meters, for the next 10 years is expected to reach 20 billion square meters, the 80% of the growth will come from the developing economies. In the next 10 years Cable Lockout label growth will be mainly from China, South Asia, South America, eastern Europe, the per capita consumption of developed countries will increase from 9.2 square metres to 9.8 square meters, over the same period in the developing world per capita consumption increases from 0.8 square metres to 0.8 square meters, by 2020, market growth was only 1% in developed countries, developing countries market growth will reach 7.2%, the market growth in China will reach 11.2%, far ahead of other countries, can say is the most obvious national global growth, especially in developing countries.

With the growth of developing economies, the supply chain of raw materials is broken, and supply shortages and price fluctuations will inevitably continue. The raw material price index is increasing over the next decade due to limited land and resource shortages. In 1980 the global economy consumes the earth can provide resources, carbon emissions and the earth can provide resources have been flat, the next five years, we will consume the earth can provide resources of 1.6 times, so the shortage of raw material will continue to lead to rising prices. All businesses have a responsibility to create sustainable materials, and fino huichuan and fino blue are already working on that.

World economic change affects our Cable Lockout industry market

Developed countries in Europe and the us market, the per capita consumption of Cable Lockout is 8 to 12 square meters, while developing countries close to 1-3 square meters, which fully shows the world economy, which is closely linked with the Cable Lockout consumption is Cable Lockout tag has a great development space.

Cable Lockout the future outlook of the market

In the past decades, Cable Lockout label has occupied a significant market share, while the Cable Lockout tag cost of integrated application of specific humidity glue and winding is high, but relative to the coil label and contraction of label, Cable Lockout label comprehensive cost is low, so the Cable Lockout tag constantly replaced the other different technology or process, this is mainly attributed to the characteristics of Cable Lockout label materials, such as the diversification of material, good appearance, and integrated application of a competitive cost.