Case Study Of Lockout Tagout2

Case Study Of Lockout Tagout2

Sep 19, 2019

Case 2

Accident description: zhang xx, a worker of sand distribution group in casting workshop of a factory, often goes to work early in the morning to overhaul the inner cabin of sand mixing machine, so as to ensure normal operation of the machine during working hours.

Some day, zhang mou comes to nuclear reduce, opened door of mixed sand engine room as usual, but without isolating power switch, also did not hang up "somebody works to prohibit to close" warning sign, enter machine inside overhaul. He was afraid that the opening of the hatch might affect others. Deliberately take the door to leave only 15mm gap.

After this group mixes sand worker li mou to go to work, see cabin door is open, think others go off work not close strict, push cabin door up smoothly started to mix sand machine, roller hormone turns, the zhang mou head that works inside bumps. Zhang was seriously injured.

Accident cause: zhang failed to conduct energy isolation and Lockout tagout according to regulations when he entered the machine for maintenance. In order to inform others that he was in the machine, he took the main responsibility. Li did not check the equipment before starting the equipment, take secondary responsibility.

Improvement method: workers are required to strictly implement Lockout tagout procedure. When entering the machine operation, dangerous energy must be locked and put on the tag. Before starting the equipment, the equipment must be checked to ensure that there are no personnel and dangerous substances in the dangerous area.