Check The Electric

Check The Electric

Sep 12, 2019

Check the electric

Maintenance work: responsible person - authorized operator

Avoid restarting the energy switch before work;

Do not bypass the current Lockout tagout device when installing new piping and circuits

Release locks and tags and permit closure: responsible persons - licensed operators, related operators, others

Upon completion of the work, the lockdown and delisting shall be carried out after checking the working area free of tools, raw materials and personnel;

The work permit shall be closed after obtaining the signature of the relevant personnel.

Energy isolation priorities

Preferential isolation selection of electrical energy, chemical energy, mechanical energy, thermal energy, potential energy, etc

Lock - tag - test isolation

Guarantee of isolation effect

Communication tips

Effectiveness of isolation at work to prevent isolation from being accidentally broken.

Locked equipment

Switchboard, pump, compressor, pipeline, refrigerating equipment, heating and ventilation system, pipeline system, instrument equipment

Failure to observe the Lockout tagout caused the fatal accident

Not stopping the machine or equipment

No energy is really cut off

It doesn't eliminate the residual energy

Accidentally turn on a device that has been turned off

The work site is not actually cleaned up before restarting

Test confirmation procedure

The power supply test

Test points to note:

1. Territorial unilateral test, maintenance unit status test;

2. Start the operation of the equipment temporarily, and re-test before resuming the maintenance operation.