Chemical Equipment Safety

Chemical Equipment Safety

Apr 20, 2019

For chemical production enterprises, the safety of the chemical equipment can be divided into the selection of equipment, installation, operation, maintenance and the service life of equipment with five period of security, as is often the case, use quality and conform to the standard of intrinsically safe equipment reliability, strengthen the supervision of equipment installation, debugging process and discard the end of life equipment in accordance with state regulations especially special equipment selection, installation and life could be the end of three phase of the safety problems. Therefore, the safety management of chemical equipment should be strengthened from the two aspects of equipment operation safety and maintenance safety.

The normal operation of equipment is the fundamental guarantee for the realization of chemical production. Strengthening the maintenance of equipment, the implementation of double package mechanism, strengthening inspection tour, reasonable arrangement of large, medium and small repair, put an end to the operation of equipment with disease and other measures are to ensure the safety of equipment, to achieve safe production of powerful measures.

During the operation, the occurrence of equipment accidents is usually caused by people without any thoughts. However, before the disaster, there must be a quantitative accumulation process. As long as operators, maintenance workers and equipment management personnel strengthen their sense of responsibility, they should always tighten the safety production string.